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Decided to make a flyer for a local store that sells Future Card Buddyfight and holds Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournaments. If you live near or around Lombard, Illinois and you want to play in a Vanguard tournament and/or pick up some Buddyfight, visit here.

A quick guide to where to buy your Future Card Buddyfight decks and packs online and offline.
As well as our unofficial start of How To Buddyright!
  Here are some links:

If you know a place near you, feel free to tell everyone in the comments below in case they are near by that store.

Competitive through Cursed Body. I had to think a bit for a good Contrary and then I thought Tracey-Banchou
(also note that the headbands in Competitive match their shiny colors)

and I’ll most likely only be uploading batches of abilities I particularly like here. the rest will be on dA until I decide otherwise

Wonder Trade Battles

 My friends and I were playing around with the idea of wild battles and safari battles in Pokemon but
found them a bit too limiting, especially when a few of them got together and found the best choices in said battles

so my Fiance and I thought of a great idea, use the Wonder Trade. This way you effectively have an unlimited about of combinations to cycle through. and as such we made a rule list. to maximize effectiveness.

1. Wonder Trade 6 Pokemon.
2. If the Pokemon you get don’t have 4 moves each, use TMs to give them their missing moves. (they can only use the items that they were holding when you got them if any)
3. If the Pokemon can’t learn 4 moves, throw it back into the wonder trade until you get one that can
4. You are allowed up to 1 Mulligan of a Pokemon
5. Ditto is excluded from rules 2 and 3
Try it out and tell me what you think or what teams you have used. I’ve done it and I like it a lot!

Also Merry Christmas!

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